5 Businesses that Thrive on Automation


Automation has already made its way into most industries and businesses, but some will benefit from it more than others. Here is a quick look at five businesses that particularly thrive on automation, and how automation has impacted them and will continue to change them in the future:

Laundry Businesses

Laundries are one of the most obvious businesses that thrive on automation. The whole point of the business is to provide an efficient, cost-effective and convenient solution for people who are too busy or don’t have enough time to do the laundry, or who don’t have the space to put their own washing machines.

Continental Girbau, a company that provides equipment for laundry vending, supplies not only the usual washer-dryers, but also ironers, folders and stackers to make the laundry process more efficient. Customers these days look for extra services that can make their lives easier and the process of doing laundry less of a chore.

Continental Girbau also supplies both card and coin-operated machines for commercial laundry and vended laundry services, so customers can choose the most convenient option for them.


Robots can significantly lower manufacturing operating costs in several ways. Depending on the task, they can perform the work of three to five people, saving on the cost of labor. Because their work is highly accurate, they can also minimize material waste, which saves the company money in the long run.

A significant advantage of automation in the manufacturing industry is improved worker safety. Introducing automation can remove workers from potentially dangerous or hazardous tasks.


Automation benefits those in marketing by increasing productivity. Routine organizational and marketing tasks are simplified and repetitive manual processes are eliminated and replaced with automated solutions. This allows marketing personnel to focus on other tasks where they can add value and to get more done throughout the day.

Some common marketing processes that can be automated include customer segmentation, customer data integration and campaign management.

Medical Field

Automation has greatly benefited the healthcare industry. Many hospitals use robots to deliver medical supplies and meals, while some have automated their front office tasks, allowing patients to check in and out of the doctor’s office through computer terminals and iPads.

Soon, deep learning algorithms may help doctors with high-end diagnostic work, helping physicians identify diseases faster and more accurately. This will significantly benefit patients by protecting them against being misdiagnosed and helping them get the treatments they need more quickly.


Automating the transportation industry will significantly help prevent and reduce accidents, injuries and deaths. Personal self-driving cars are predicted to hit the market soon, and commercial vehicles will soon follow.

Driverless freight trucks can save companies millions of dollars a year, and they are much safer than manually driver trucks.

The main advantages of automation are increased output or productivity and improved quality and accuracy, so virtually any business stands to benefit from automation. If you are reluctant to introduce automation into your own business, remember that the technology exists to make your life easier and to improve your businesses processes—don’t be afraid to embrace it.

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