Important Things To Get Ready Before Launching An Ecommerce Startup


If you are on the verge of launching an ecommerce business you need to have checked a few things off of your to-do list. Here is a quick set of ‘must sort’ areas to keep an eye on before you bring your business into the public eye.

A Solid Supply Chain

Before launching your site, make sure that your supply chain is complete and highly efficient. A great many ecommerce businesses order merchandise from abroad. In order to fulfill orders on time, a continuous stream of goods must be ordered and shipped. Good inventory management is essential to the maintenance of a good supply chain.

Fulfillment Solutions

In ecommerce, fulfillment refers to the area of a business in which the storage, picking, packing, shipping and delivery stages take place. Many smaller companies struggle to complete all of this work efficiently. Luckily, there are plenty of nationwide fulfillment companies out there that can take on this work on a 3rd party basis. Fulfillment efficiency determines the delivery times your business can offer. Consumers expect extremely prompt delivery – largely due to the influence of Amazon. Amazon operates an extremely complex and vast network of fulfillment centers all around the globe which allow it to offer next day delivery on a huge range of objects. Don’t try and compete with Amazon delivery times, but do offer swift service.

A Good Website

A website acts as the shop front for businesses trading online. As such, your public facing site must be immaculate, easy to use and reflect your branding. Website design for ecommerce can be as simple or complex as you make it. The simplest ecommerce websites use WordPress templates and tend to be rather cut and paste. For a more unique site that catches the eye, consider hiring a web application develop company like Make IT Simple.

Customer Service Staff

An ecommerce business without good customer service will soon find itself swamped by consumer complaints and an endless workload of unresolved emails. Even the smallest ecommerce startups need to employ at least one person dedicated to customer service. Repeat custom is built in part as a result of consumer trust in customer service. Some automation can lighten the load. Chat bots automatically take case of some minor enquiries, but should not be relied upon in place of a dedicated human respondent.

Data Collection And Analysis Protocols

Almost all business ventures – including ecommerce – rely more upon the collection and analysis of data than ever before, in the age of the data deluge. Consumers create huge amounts of data as they surf, shop and communicate on the internet. With so much data being created, companies can be faced with a crisis of accumulation if they do not develop sound data collection and analysis protocols. You need to decide exactly what kind of data you need to collect, and what methods will be the most useful to employ in its analysis. Building market reports and reliable forecasts is essential to sound strategic planning in ecommerce.

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