How to Claim a Bike Insurance Online


Buying bike insurance online in 2018 is like preparing for a worst-case scenario. You may not need it right now, but you will certainly need it someday. And when you do, it’s best that you remain prepared or face the consequences of paying for repairs from your own pocket. So, once you have purchased your two wheeler insurance, it’s best you understand how to claim bike insurance online, as well.

The process of claiming bike insurance online is quite simple in itself. However, most policyholders tend to take the paperwork process a bit too lightly which can result in claim rejections and wastage of time and effort. In an attempt to help you understand the issues faced while making claims, we listed some common problems and how you can avoid them.

Common Problems Faced While Claiming Bike insurance Online

Generally, not all policyholders are aware of the various situations and exclusions of bike insurance. As a result, when they try to make a claim for these situations, it results in rejections.

#1 Damage Resulting from Illegal Acts

Most people don’t realize that bike insurance does not cover damage sustained from illegal acts. So, if you crashed your bike while stunt driving or while driving under the influence of alcohol or speeding a red light, then your insurance company is not going to pay for the damages. In fact, in such cases, the insurance company can void your policy and deny any future reimbursement as well. So, next time you’re driving, ensure that you maintain the traffic rules and don’t flout any laws. It doesn’t matter if the person driving was not the policyholder, he/she will still be held liable.

#2 Policy Exclusions

More often than not, policyholders don’t go through the exclusion list of their bike insurance. Irrespective of whether you bought your bike insurance online or not, every policy lists certain situations and costs as exclusions. For example, as your bike ages, the depreciation charged for the parts will increase. Which is why, unless you have bought add-ons that protect you from these situations and costs, your claim will be settled as per the depreciation term and conditions mentioned in the policy.

#3 Driving Without a License

Friends often borrow each other’s two-wheelers. It’s quite common and prevalently accepted. However, if your friend does not have a valid two-wheeler driving license, any damages caused to your two-wheeler will not be covered. One of the basic requirements of bike insurance remains that the driver needs to have a valid and legal driving license. Driving without a license excludes the insurance company from any liability and as a result, you will not be able to make a claim for the damages. If you do, it’s certain to be rejected.

#4 Faulty Vehicle / Parts

While your insurance policy might cover damage to parts, it does not cover the cost of repairs resulting from faulty parts. Bikes that aren’t serviced regularly often face more wear and tear which ultimately results in faulty parts. Issues like faulty brakes or worn out tires can cause serious accidents and insurance companies have been known to reject claims on the ground that the parts were faulty. As a result, it’s imperative that you take care of your vehicle, irrespective of whether you have an insurance policy.

Processes Involved While Claiming a Bike Insurance Online

Now that you are aware of the common problems with making claims and have bought the best bike insurance online, you need to familiarize yourself with the claims process. Claims can be made online or offline, but since this article deals especially with online policies, we will discuss only the steps required to lodge a claim online. Offline claims, though, are fairly simple as well. Just head to the nearest office of your insurance company and follow the process of the claim.

For both online and offline claims, there are two options – cashless or reimbursement. Here is a step by step process to help you with both.

A. Cashless Claims

  1. Talk to your insurance company’s service executive using their toll-free number, live chat or email to notify them of your intention to repair your bike.
  2. They will register your request and notify you of the nearest network garage.
  3. Visit the network garage and leave your bike there for repair
  4. Once the bike is repaired, pay the minimum deductible cost, and the rest is automatically settled by the insurance company with the garage.

B. Reimbursement Claims

  1. For reimbursement claims, notify your insurance company’s service executive using their toll-free number, live chat or email to notify them of your intention to repair your bike. Ask them for the list of documents needed for the reimbursement.
  2. Visit the service center of your choice and leave your vehicle for repair
  3. Pay the charges for repair and get your bike. Remember to store the original receipts.
  4. Submit the reimbursement claim form along with the original receipts and any other required documents for verification and scrutiny.

Alternatively, you can also use the service of online aggregators like to submit a bike insurance claim online, only if you have purchased a policy from them

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