Are You Looking for Work in the Asbestos Survey Field


If you are seeking work as an asbestos specialist, you need to work with a recruiter who also specialises in finding jobs for applicants who wish to work as asbestos surveyors or in similar asbestos-related jobs. Make sure that you work with a recruitment company that features the best applicants for jobs such as asbestos analyst, asbestos survey specialist, or asbestos consultant. The firms should also be well versed in employment opportunities in the water treatment or legionella areas.

Asbestos-Related Jobs

Some of the jobs for asbestos-related work may include the following:

  • Asbestos commercial operations director
  • Asbestos surveyor/analyst
  • Asbestos lab manager
  • Asbestos site analyst

The above list is just a sampling of both asbestos survey jobs and related employment. As you can see, you can do well in this field once you make a commitment. For example, to work as a surveyor and analyst, you normally will work with an environmental company that supplies an array of professional services nationwide. However, you will be assigned to a specific area.

Obtaining a Surveyor Job

To obtain this type of job, you need to possess a variety of certifications as well as substantial practical experience in the asbestos field. It helps to have experience working in this specific role in the job marketplace. To assume this type of position, you need to know how to carry out background, leak, re-occupation, and personal and visual personal air testing.

Job Responsibilities

Job applicants need to know how to perform asbestos management and demolition and refurbishment surveys on industrial and commercial properties. They also need to produce comprehensive asbestos reports when it is required. This position also holds the employee responsible for monitoring asbestos contractors on site and ensuring that workers comply with certain safety and health processes.

Can You Communicate Well?

You need to communicate well as an asbestos surveyor as you will be collaborating with a large portfolio of clients. In addition, you need to be well organised. Organisational skills are needed as you will be overseeing specific workloads within a certain frame of time. A job candidate who is successful in getting this type of job is confident and flexible. He or she also possesses a good work ethic and has the ability to either work as part of a team or on his or her own accord.

Again, good communications skills are essential, both verbally and written. Applicants should also be knowledgeable in health and safety procedures as they relate to asbestos. Candidates applying for this type of position can expect to enjoy an attractive salary as well as use of a company vehicle. If you are committed to working in the asbestos field, you may want to strongly consider this type of employment.

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