Common Racial Discrimination And Harassment In Work Place.


Your seniors, colleagues, or anyone at your workplace, commenting about your race, their physical behavior with you, or anything spoken or written that is offensive for you, can be a form of racial discrimination.

Harassment and racial discrimination are illegal, and a person indulging in such acts can be arrested if reported. Being harassed can hurt your job performance, job satisfaction, and more. It may result in reduced salary depression, or your employer may fire you. In such cases, a New Jersey employment lawyer can help you file a lawsuit under the employment relation act.

You can hold the bully or the racist accountable for your financial losses and emotional traumas when filing a lawsuit. They will be responsible for compensating for your losses.

Common racial discrimination and harassment encountered by victims at a workplace.

Disability discrimination.

This kind of discrimination has formed a different perspective upon the people about the disabled people that they are unable to complete the task on time or unable to cope with the group projects and many more.

Pregnancy discrimination.

Many companies refuse to hire women if they are planning to conceive or are already pregnant. If they find that the woman is pregnant, they will make excuses and terminate the worker. Most newly formed mothers face discrimination with getting accommodation for breastfeeding their child.

Gender discrimination.

Gender discrimination is a common type of discrimination that occurs when a person is treated differently based on their sex. This type of discrimination can fail to hire; promotions are not given on time, are sidelined, and not given vital information related to any work. Moreover, they are paid less than the other workers.

Age discrimination.

Discrimination against people above 40 years is one of the rapidly growing examples of discrimination in the workplace. They are discriminated against in different ways, such as older people facing difficulty finding a job. If they get hired, they face harassment from their seniors who are younger than them and pressurize them to either resign or retire.

Race discrimination.

Racial discrimination is the most common, which still exists in society and the workplace. People belonging to minority groups face discrimination. They are not guided properly, not hired, not promoted, and even in some places, they get terminated from their job without having an actual reason.

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