Confronting the Struggles of Creative Writing


Despite all the perks of creative writing, it does come with its own set of difficulties that can make the job quite challenging to deal with. Whether you are working independently on your business projects or if you are writing something personal for yourself, being able to create quality written work is hard to produce and brings about hindrances that are hard to face.

So if you are someone who is new to the world of writing or if you are an experienced writer who is trying to figure out ways to overcome creative writing challenges, then you are in luck. Fortunately, we had had the chance to approach writing professionals and consult their expertise on how they had dealt with their work when their creative drive was not working at its best potential.

One of the professionals we reached out to was Rifat Ahmed – a highly acclaimed writer and heads the Deftyled, a credible marketing agency around the globe.

Rifat Ahmed has spent a lot of his time working in the writing field. After graduating, he began to pursue a career in writing and landed amazing jobs working for Cyber Barta, The Business Standard, and the Green Leaf Air. Plus, he is also a member of the Cyber Crime Awareness Foundation and is actively working on cybercrime seminars and events, including conducting research on Cyber Crime.

His company, Deftyled, allows people with experience and even no experience to come together. They are trained to become professionals, and their teaching has made a significant difference on their employees’ level of productivity. In fact, in 2021, Deftylab was named the Best Startup Asia’s list of top 101 advertising companies.

Leading one of the major content marketing agencies in the world, Rifat Ahmed has shared some of the struggles he and many other creative artists and the best way you can learn to overcome them.

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Writer’s Block

One of the most common and dreadful things that many writers fear is having to go through writer’s block. Whether you are working on a personal idea or writing something for business-related purposes, having this kind of problem can easily make it a huge challenge for you to deal with. Plus, writer’s block can last for days, weeks, or even months – and not being able to write what you want can be extremely stressful for many people.

The ideal solution we have drawn up is that you need to stop focusing all of your time and attention on this specific problem. Try distracting your mind by thinking about other things – start new activities, pick a book to read, go on a hike, try out new food, etc. The less you stress about your writer’s block, the easier it will be to get over it.

Frequent Isolation

Since being a writer can be a remote job, you will often find yourself alone in your company. This can cause a long time of isolation, and having too much time alone by yourself can have a negative impact on your work.

The best way to overcome this is to find a healthy balance between your writing hours and time to meet family and friends. Start socializing from time to time, and when you come back to work, you will start feeling more energized with fresh new ideas waiting to be written on that blank piece of paper.

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