Could Your Business Benefit From A Commercial Safe?


If you’re the owner of a commercial enterprise, it could be that you’re not doing enough to protect your assets, and if you don’t have at least one commercial safe, this is almost certainly true.

Below is a small list of just some of the many businesses that would benefit from a commercial safe, and then we’ll look at the reasons why commercial safes are so beneficial for them:

  • Jewelry stores – jewelry stores are frequently targeted by thieves, but with a commercial, high security safe, you can better protect your precious, expensive items.
  • Lawyers – while you might not automatically think of lawyers having items worth protecting, what about clients data and personal information; isn’t that worth protecting?
  • Tech companies – many of these companies need to protect their proprietary information, especially if they invest in research and development, and with a commercial safe, house servers and hard drives can remain protected at all times.
  • Grocery stores – often dealing with large amounts of cash every day, commercial safes mean it can be stored securely until it gets picked up.
  • Government agencies – many such agencies have large amounts of cash and digital assets worth protecting.

Listed below are just some of the ways in which a commercial safe could help you better protect your assets, and even lower the cost of your insurance:

A commercial safe can protect your assets from theft

This is probably the primary reason for a business to own a commercial safe, and they can be used to store cash, small valuables, personal information and proprietary data.

Storing your assets in a commercial safe protects them from fire damage

Fires are often devastating – but sadly, not uncommon – occurrences, and without a fire resistant safe to protect items of value, a fire can easily destroy them completely. With a 2-hour fire resistant safe, you can protect any items of value for up to 2 hours, which is usually long enough for emergency services to come out and dowse the blaze.

A commercial safe could help you lower your insurance premiums

Business insurance can be really costly for smaller businesses, but the more secure you can make your business and premises, the less of a risk your insurance company will deem you to be, and the lower your premiums might become.

Get your hands on your assets, at your convenience

While some businesses choose to use a bank for storing their valuable items, this is nowhere near as convenient as a commercial safe, which protects your items while giving you access to them whenever you want.

Many businesses could benefit from an office safe, and if your business doesn’t have one and you would like to know more about the different types of safes available, simply call in to your local safe showroom, or reach out to your local locksmith.

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