How Virtual Receptionists and Call Handling Services Can Benefit Your Company


Few things are more important to the quality of service your company provides as well as its overall public perception than your ability to handle the simple things. You want to make sure that when clients step through your doors, your premises is pristine and professional looking. By the same token, when clients call in looking to make appointments or with questions about goods and services, you want them to be treated with a degree of customer service which will reflect well upon your company.

Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term assistance in that regard, you’ll want to work with a call answering and forwarding company like Message-Direct that’s on the cutting edge

Quality Assurance

When customers call into your place of business, it is of the utmost importance that their calls are answered in a quick, timely, and professional manner. After all, your receptionists are the first customer service experience many of your potential clients will have with your company. The best call handling and forwarding companies, therefore, work to maintain the highest standards of quality in their work. They can boast a trained staff that knows how to respond to customers with speed and aplomb. You can give them specific instruction as to any particular call forwarding policies you might want them to follow. What’s more, these experts are likewise trained to field and forward calls as needed, ensuring that the right departments receive messages intended for them as quickly as possible. What’s more, they can also take messages and forward them to you at a later time, allowing you to talk with clients yourself.

Virtual Call Handling Excellence

While most modern companies have a great secretarial staff, the fact remains that some seasons – such as the holidays – require even more assistance. It is here that professional phone operator services truly shine. You can hire a trained team of receptionists and virtual call handlers to take on the workload of your regular staff as members go off on vacation. This allows you to give your staff the time off they need and deserve without it getting in the way of your company’s efficiency. What’s more, virtual receptionists can prove instrumental in fielding an overflow of incoming calls, helping get you through those aforementioned busy seasons.

Emergency Call Services

Sometimes, however, the word “overflow” doesn’t quite capture the full magnitude of the volume of calls that can come into a centre. If you are experiencing a particularly extreme spike in call activity, virtual receptionists can once again be a lifesaver. With emergency call handling services, you can have a trained team of professionals wait for and field this immense spike in call traffic around the clock, producing full audits of every 24-hour period to ensure you have a full record of every call.

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