The Benefits of a Career as an HGV Driver


If you’re looking for a new career which comes with a high level of job security and flexibility, then why not look into becoming an HGV driver. Training to handle a heavy goods vehicle is highly vocational and is sure to result in securing a stable and well-paid job. So if you have a passion for driving, why not turn it into a career? Here are some of the many benefits of a career as an HGV driver.

High Demand

As a vital job required for a whole host of different industries, there is a consistently high demand for HGV drivers. This makes training to become an HGV driver a great investment, as you are guaranteed to find work in the industry. Training can be completed in a matter of days, making it a quick and simple career option. You can undertake training for HGV drivers in Southampton, where you can enrol on safety courses which contribute towards your trianing and ensure that you’re up to speed with all the latest rules and regulations.

Attractive Salary

Not only is HGV driving an easy industry to break into, it also comes with an attractive wage packet. With average yearly earnings upwards of £30k, this is an excellent career opportunity which can allow you to earn some real money. If you’re longing for a job with real prospects for earning, then becoming an HGV driver is a great option. Whilst you may want to start out driving a smaller vehicle, once you get used to handling it you can take further training to achieve your HGV Class 1 licence. This permits you to drive larger lorries, which come with higher salaries.

Job Security

Due to the high demand for drivers and the essential nature of the job, there is plenty of job security in the field of HGV driving. With driverless vehicles still a long way off becoming reality on the roads, HGV drivers are likely to be needed for many years to come, meaning that this is a stable career that can last a lifetime. If you’re tired of flitting from one job to the next, then this is a solid career option that provides a steady flow of work.


Another benefit of becoming a heavy goods driver is the flexible nature of the work. You are often given a delivery and timeframe, wherein you can choose your hours. Not only is the working schedule flexible, so are the locations. With a job that involves travelling long distances, you can take the opportunity to live in different areas or even set up camp abroad in Europe. With such high demand for drivers, you can have the luxury to pick and choose which jobs suit you best.

If you’re thinking about embarking on a new career path and have a passion for driving, then training to become a heavy goods vehicle driver is a great option which will open up the doors to a secure and rewarding future.

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