The effects of water damage


Every year thousands of people are affected by water emergencies. These water disasters are not only natural like flood or storm or hurricane but also sometimes man –made comforts gone wrong. Here you need professional help to get out of this problem.

These are some problems mostly faced by people in their houses.

Leaks and breakage in water supply line can cause big water flood everywhere in the house, damaging carpets, wooden furniture, floors and walls. Sometimes the supply line attached to the washing machine break due to the vibration of machine. This happens if pipes are old and rusty. Same happens with the supply line of dishwasher. But if the sewage becomes blocked, it is a big and smelly mess, difficult to deal with for house owner. The material from sewage is contaminated and need quick repair, otherwise contaminated water can cause illness and insect infestation. Water heater tanks ruptures after long usage and water began spilling out of control. These problems can only be dealt with the help of professionals.

To prevent further damage, act quickly and shut off the main supply of water and try to move away the things within direct reach of water. Shut off the electricity supply to avoid electric shocks. Call your insurance agent if you have an insurance policy to cover the water damage cost. Water damage can happen any time of day or night. That is why the water damage business is always open 24/7 for the repair and cleaning of water disaster.

Water damage restoration services are ready to act in emergency, for repair and cleaning up from disasters. They are equipped with advanced machinery, safe cleaning chemicals and drying machines. Their experts work efficiently to your satisfaction, with knowledge of drying and restoration of water damaged structure and personal contents. Our professionals like to keep in touch with latest technology and processes so that they give highest quality services to their clients.

Water extraction is the foremost action to take. Longer the water stays, becomes difficult to finish humidity. Humidity fill the affected place with unpleasant odor and helps mold grow. Besides contaminated water has harmful germs, spreading illness. Mold spore itself is very harmful for health. Ones it started to grow, becomes difficult and very costly to remove.

Drying up water damaged area is done very carefully on large scale. Any leftover hidden moisture of walls, ceilings, floors, basement and foundation, causes humidity welcomes mold growth. They use latest drying system to restoration drying of the structure to prevent further damage. Replacing everything will cost you a lot of money.

After drying process, starts the cleaning of everything contaminated with water. Three type of water affect the restoration process, clean water, grey water and black water. So, the cleaning of contents like carpets, furniture, clothes, books, utensils and household items is done according to their condition. Divide porous and non-porous things to clean or discard them. Discard all food and drinking water. Wash all the utensils in warm soapy water and sanitize them. All flooded carpets, rugs and pads should be disposed off, if they are old and beyond repair. Sanitize all non-porous items like glass, metal and plastic and solid wood. Discard the upholstery and stuffing.

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