The Importance of Maintaining and Developing Your Culture


We all know that the recruitment procedure is a costly exercise, both in terms of time, money and effort. The key to minimizing the need to embark on hiring a new employee is to keep existing employees happy and content with their position. We admit this can be a difficult undertaking at times, but there are measures you can take to keep them “on side”. The easiest and by far the most effective way is to develop a workplace culture which makes employees feel included, and a culture that keeps morale up. Failure to maintain and develop a culture has proved time and time again to lead to reduced staff retention. This means there will be more costs for recruitment. Even if you develop a healthy and happy culture, there will be employees who will feel the need to leave. If this happens, you can hire a replacement quickly and effectively by using recruitment websites such as, who offer a large bank of prospective candidates in the dental industry.

What is “Culture”?

Well, in short, culture can be best summed up in the workplace’s norms, values and behaviors which are exhibited on a day to day basis. There is a culture in every workplace, but of course this can be both good and bad. To maintain a good culture, it is important to only hire people who would fit into your culture, because if you hire the wrong person, they may change the culture for the worse.

The Importance of Sharing the Values and Mission

It is essential for the new candidate to share the values and mission of your workplace. In an interview situation, you can confront this area head on by asking them why they want to work for your business. Their answer will likely detail their motivations and you can quickly ascertain whether they are a strong fit to the values and the mission of the workplace. If they say that they think this will be a position to go on and apply for a better job elsewhere once they have the necessary experience, it is clear that they wouldn’t be a good fit. If they do share the values and the mission, this will increase the likelihood that you will be hiring for the right fit at the first time of asking, which is so vitally important to maintaining and developing your culture for the better.

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