Tips To Use Social Media For A Successful Trade Show


Social media is being used in almost every aspect of your life. There is no reason for keeping a tool as effective as social media separate from trade shows. From creating buzz about your upcoming exhibition to alerting potential customers about your products, social media can be a powerful tool to boost your ROI.

Social media is a free tool, so everyone is using it nowadays. You can easily share your product details, attract potential customers, share the location of your modular trade show booth, and many more things. Knowing the right strategies to use social media will certainly result in a successful trade show.

Tips for using social media for a successful trade show

Make your brand discoverable on social media.

You have to establish a well-known presence on social media months before the exhibition. This is to ensure your customers know when and where they can find you. Since everyone uses social media these days and is free of cost, you can easily connect with people. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are preferable. If you are looking to attract younger people, you might want to start with Instagram and YouTube.

Reach out to people.

Once you have created an online presence for your business on social media, it is time to reach out to people. Simply creating an account does not do much. Opt for automatic messaging to let users know the latest news. You can share the pictures of your booth on your account to attract people. If your followers like what they see in the picture, they will likely visit in person. Make sure you keep posting the time and date of the event and keep reminding people.

Research hashtags.

If you are a regular on social media, you may know how crucial hashtags have become. Hashtags are specific words or phrases that help people find digital content on a specific topic. When you add relevant hashtags to your posts, you make it easier for people to find you. This way, people looking for products you have will find you more easily.

Include your social media into your email marketing.

One mistake that almost all companies still make is not including their social media handles in their marketing emails. This is a huge missed opportunity because if you are spending so much money on marketing, you might as well make the best use of it. Do not hesitate to tell your customers to follow you on Twitter, check your latest Instagram post, and subscribe to your YouTube channel.

If you are considering a trade show, you need to start working on your social media at least six months before. It is a powerful and cost-effective way to let people become aware of your company and product. Using these tips will help you plan optimally.

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