Typical Mistakes People Make When Moving Offices or Homes


Practically all of you good people out there are already aware of how stressful a job it can be when moving somewhere else, as there’s so many responsibilities.

In nearly all cases, the job of moving can include a number of activities, and while some of them can be more bothersome than others, it’s the packing which happens to be the one which people dislike the most.

Let’s take a look at 7 mistakes many people still do nowadays when relocating and how to avoid them:

1 – Fix a date to start the Ball Rolling

One of the most difficult parts of packing, is working out when and where to start. Even should you wish to pack those smaller pieces first, or are going be working on a room to room basis, choosing a starting date will certainly help you to figure out how long it will take you to get the job finished.

2 – Time is Normally Not Your Friend

There are some people who actually can just up and move somewhere else at the drop of a hat, but for most of us normal folk, we need around a couple of weeks to a month to get everything completely packed up and be ready to move. And don’t leave everything till the last minute.

3 – Boxes

Get a few more than you think you will require, and begin by packing things which won’t be used till you get to your new place.

4 – The Right Tools

The job will move much faster by using good tools. Experienced office movers in Melbourne, can provide you with all the advice you will need. Make sure there’s no shortages of things like boxes, tape, or bubble wrap, especially when it’s getting closer to the day of the big move.

5 – Label Every Single Box

Write down (or type) out a list of which items have gone where and then label them clearly. This makes a big difference when you unpack everything in your new place. Organising what goes where with a mountain of boxes without any labels is like playing a game of Russian roulette!

6 – Use Larger Boxes for Fragile Items

Still a common error which people still make! The packing of delicate items such as mirrors or framed pictures into boxes which fit perfectly should be avoided. Simply give any sensitive pieces, some extra room with packing to lower the chances of damage.

7 – Make an Essentials Box

Many people have moved before and didn’t put together a box of important items which they will need just after moving. If possible, remember to put to one side, a box of easily accessible items which will be immediately needed after moving.

The Perfect Move!

And that’s about it! A bit of good old fashioned common sense can indeed go a long way, and may your move be a good one.

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