Use Local Seo To Maximise Marketing Roi


Search engine marketing is essential for any business that wants its website to get found on Google when a prospect types in a relevant search term (keyword). The problem is outsourcing SEO marketing is becoming increasingly expensive and the competition more intense. This article reviews a simple, low cost, local SEO marketing technique for business with a local customers

Businesses looking to attract customers from a large geographic area face strong competition. The recent Google search algorithm updates although having a positive impact on black hat SEO techniques do mean SEO agencies have to work even harder (equals more cost) to ensure their clients websites get found on Google. Businesses with a local customer base now have a distinct advantage.

Any business can now acquire a mini website on near the top of page 1 Google and link it to the main business website but the real benefits are available to businesses with a local customer base. A listing introduces the business, displays contact information, customer reviews and much more and it’s free. Analysis tools are available to review how many times a prospect has viewed and clicked through.

A correctly set up and optimized Google+ local page can therefore deliver a page one presence with minimal ongoing SEO. A click on ‘Google + page’ takes the prospect to the Google + Page. A click on the company name takes the prospect directly to the business website However, there is a catch as Google only list a maximum of seven businesses from the many available in any particular area

Only Google knows how their selection operates but there is strong evidence that those companies with a claimed and optimized listing, which includes customer reviews, have more chance of display ahead of the competition. Proximity to the centre of a particular location also appears to be a factor. The Google+ Local opportunity is currently not recognized by many businesses (this will change) hence the is a short to medium opportunity

To claim and set up a basic listing generally takes less than an hour. However, to create a professional layout takes longer depending on available photo editing skills and tools.

To optimize the listing to ensure it has the best chance of display when a prospect types in a relevant search term requires at least some basic knowledge of keyword selection and SEO and (ideally) some basic HTML skills. Depending on the level of skill available within a business, optimization of a listing (the key to the whole process of raising your profile) can take several hours.

A Google+ Local page is therefore essential for any local business intent on maximizing the returns on their local search engine marketing efforts. Although a listing is free there are some challenges involved in setting up and optimizing a listing correctly but there is a number of online marketing education and support websites that can help a local business get found on Page1 of Google.

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