Voip (IP Telephony) – Why Your Business Needs This Technology


Why is it worth paying attention to communications and telephony in doing business?

Properly functioning telephony saves you money and increases the flow of customers. No one wants to wait to be connected to the right person while you are busy transferring a call. Things are different when you have the opportunity to connect the client with the manager in one click when the client can order a call from your site or call directly from it. Naturally, this positively affects the attitude towards you and significantly increases the influx of new customers.

VoIP phone systems allow you to attract partners thanks to communication capabilities you probably did not attach importance to before. This system will enable you to register all calls, organize contacts, make international calls easier, and unite your company’s branches into a single network.

What is VoIP telephony?

VoIP telephony is a telephone connection that is conducted using the IP protocol. This refers to communication protocols that provide two-way telephone communication, dialing, and other methods of communication, including the Internet. The digital signal is transmitted over the channel, simultaneously converted and compressed to eliminate unnecessary information and reduce network load.

Advantages of VoIP telephony

The functionality of VoIP telephony makes it possible to realize the requirements that are difficult and expensive to implement with analog public telephone networks. For example, transferring more than one phone call within a telephone connection is common in VoIP telephony and a nuisance in an analog network. As you can see, Nectar Desk offers you an easy way to install additional telephone lines in your office or home. Using VoIP telephony, you can freely use the following network advantages:

  • Auto redial;
  • call forwarding;
  • conferencing;
  • smart answering machine;
  • voice menu.

In addition, such telephony ensures the security of the connection. The main principle of the system is to encrypt the signal and its subsequent decryption in the stream of transmitted data.

An essential advantage of VoIP telephony is the absolute freedom from traditional telephone networks. VoIP telephony works wherever there is an Internet signal, and the only condition for its functioning is the presence of a stable connection to an Internet provider. Phone numbers automatically form their network, regardless of geolocation.

It is also worth emphasizing that VoIP telephony does not require complex settings and expensive special equipment. Nectar Desk specialists independently connect the network and give recommendations for further work. As for the equipment, everything is also simple here: you will need a computer with a headset or a smartphone with an application installed.

Giving preference to VoIP telephony, you get the opportunity to integrate telephony with other virtual services. For example, create your multichannel line using conference calls, cloud storage, data systematization, modern call forwarding, and other services.


VoIP phone systems fromTri Telecoms allows you to take a big step forward in developing your business. Thanks to them, you will discover new opportunities, simplify your life, and save on communication. Setting up a new network takes only a few minutes, and our technical support is available around the clock.

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