Practical Tips for Your Office Refurbishment


Gearing up for an office refurbishment can be a daunting task. From the fittings and the furniture, to the lighting and the wiring, there are so many aspects that need to come into consideration. It’s important for any workplace to have a good balance between practicality and style. There is proof that staff are more productive when they are happy in their environment, and a well-functioning and attractive office space goes a long way towards putting your workers at ease. Here are just a few tips on how to achieve a successful office refurb.

Tailor It

It’s important that you don’t simply select designs from a catalogue and pray that they work in your office space. That’s why it’s essential that you tailor your refurbishment to your individual needs. Some professional refurbishment companies will offer an analysis of your workplace to help you assess what design will look best and which techniques can be used to maximise your space. By seeking a professional opinion, your attention may be drawn to aspects and solutions you’ve never considered, or may not even know exist. This is absolutely the best way to get the most out of your refurb, as you can benefit from the experience and expertise of professionals.

Manage Your Cabling

Most office environments require a whole lot of cabling. This can be unsightly and difficult to manage if it’s not organised properly. One way to manage your cables is to use trenching or overhead storage, but the inaccessibility of both of these options make maintenance and adjustments difficult. Raised access flooring is a great alternative that stores the cables and piping beneath a raised floor, with removable tiles which allow easy and simple access in the event of needing to fix or amend anything. If you are looking to install a raised access floor in Coventry, you’ll find that his type of flooring is available in many different styles, including carpet, marble, granite and wood effects, making it an attractive way to disguise your cabling. This method also allows for underfloor air distribution which is more efficient than traditional air conditioning, meaning it can save you money whilst also being more environmentally friendly.


Partitioning an open office space is a great way to separate different departments and create private areas. Meeting rooms are an important function in any office, as they allow important discussions to take place in a dedicated space away from the main workplace. This promotes focus and concentration in meetings, whilst at the same time providing a private area for consultations, interviews, and appraisals. If you are looking to shake up your office space and make it more professional, then partitioning should be an essential part of your refurb plans.

A refurbishment is a great way to refresh and enliven your office. It allows you to redistribute space, modernise your look, and increase the functionality of your workplace, all of which will have a positive impact on your staff and on your company image.

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