What Makes for a Good Freight Company


With the emergence of online shopping, the above question is one that many online retailers ask themselves, as they strive to find a reliable logistics partner. On time deliveries are expected nowadays and if you are looking to source a freight company who really can deliver, here are some important things to look for in a provider.

  • Well Established and Experienced – Ensuring prompt collections and deliveries is all about resource management, and the ideal logistics provider would have a large fleet of various sized vehicles at their disposal, and breakdowns would not affect the customer, as they would have a number of substitute trucks that are ready to roll at a moment’s notice. If your business is located in Western Australia, there is an established company that offers affordable freight transport in Perth, and with this team in your corner, order fulfillment is all but guaranteed.

  • Prompt and Efficient Service – Whatever else you might need, a prompt service is essential, and whether you are making a phone enquiry or asking for an online quote, the response should be within minutes rather than hours. Time is always of the essence and when you have a customer who is in urgent need of a consignment, fast response times are essential.

  • Range of Packages – The world of logistics in in a constant state of change, and you might have a customer that isn’t too bothered about a speedy delivery, and there’s little point in paying for an express delivery if it isn’t required. The ideal freight company would have a range of packages to suit every situation, thus allowing you to keep your running costs down to an acceptable level.

  • Fully Insured – While no one wants damage to occur, sometimes things are out of our control, and in the event a consignment suffered damage in transit, it is essential the transport provider is fully insured.

  • Global Connectivity – You certainly do not want to be location limited with your online business, and with many of your customers living in other continents, it is essential to use a freight company with global connections, which will ensure that every order is safely – and promptly – delivered to the customer’s door. If your products are good and delivery is always prompt, the only way is up, and research shows that consumers are more likely to repeat the order of satisfied. Consignment tracking via GPS enables the client to know where their packages are at any given time, which allow you to answer any of your customer enquiries regarding delivery.

  • Flexible and Dependable – Many businesses enjoy seasonal surges, and it is at these times when things can begin to go wrong. Missed or incomplete orders are common mistakes that occur due to straining the administrative system, which includes the delivery, and by choosing the right freight company, they can handle any amount of traffic without an issue.

There are many freight companies out there, and when sourcing such a company, look for one that ticks all the above boxes and you will enjoy a high level of professional service.

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